Interesting Articles of the Week – 1/18/14

Internship application season is ongoing, so I’m quite busy.

Here are this week’s interesting readings:

  1. State-owned assets: Setting out the store (The Economist)
  2. How the NSA Almost Killed the Internet (Wired)
  3. Indefensible Kissinger (Politico Magazine)
  4. Banished for Questioning the Gospel of Guns (New York Times)
  5. The Danger of Telling Poor Kids that College is the Key to Social Mobility (The Atlantic)
  6. Hydropower Struggle: Dams Threaten Europe’s Last Wild Rivers (Der Spiegel)
  7. Darkness in August (Vanity Fair)
  8. What I learned from six months of GMO research: None of it matters (Grist)
  9. The Bitcoin Mining-Arms Race Heats Up (Bloomberg Businessweek) see also Bitcoin Stares Down Impending Apocalypse (Again) (Wired)
  10. Inside Monopoly’s secret war against the Third Reich (EuroGamer)
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