Interesting Articles of the Week – 12/14/13


Finals week in college is a suffocating affair. Thankfully, I’ve finished most of them, though I must still write a long essay on how Russia views Ukraine strategically (which is rather relevant to ongoing events).

Here are this week’s interesting articles.

  1. Ukraine’s Protests: Not yet a Revolution (Reuters – The Great Debate)
  2. The Other Euro Crisis (Foreign Affairs)
  3. Mexico’s Global Gusher (Foreign Policy)¬†see also¬†Mexico’s Historic Energy Reform (Council on Foreign Relations – Latin America’s Moment)
  4. Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula And Security (Council on Foreign Relations)
  5. ALEC’s Influence over Lawmaking in State Legislatures (Brookings)
  6. Google Adds to Its Menagerie of Robots (New York Times)
  7. China’s ‘Jade Rabbit’ rolls to the moon surface (China Daily)
  8. Prison Break (Sportsnet)
  9. The Lobotomy Files (Wall Street Journal)
  10. The Challenge of Being Poor at America’s Richest Colleges (Forbes)
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