Interesting Articles of the Week 11/30/13


First, I would like to wish my readers a Happy Thanksgiving. I am aware it is late, but it’s the thought that matters, right? Second, I also wish my readers good luck in whatever shopping they may/may have participated in. Apparently, #WalmartFights is trending on Twitter. Along with many, many videos of people fighting it out for lowly priced consumer goods.

Speaking of which, here are some helpful economic tips concerning Black Friday (and afterwards) shopping

In any case, here are this week’s interesting readings.

  1. China Ups the Ante in East China Sea Dispute (Council on Foreign Affairs)
  2. Gang of Two: Russia and Japan Make a Play for the Pacific (Brookings Institution)
  3. Rouhani’s Gorbachev Moment (Foreign Affairs)
  4. Mexico’s president: The year of leading from behind (The Economist)
  5. Clean Energy Innovation: The Lunar Ring (Shimizu) see also Space Exploration and US Competitiveness (Council on Foreign Affairs)
  6. Stuxnet’s Secret Twin (Foreign Policy)
  7. An outbreak of lawlessness (Washington Post)
  8. Animals were harmed (Hollywood Reporter)
  9. The Surge (Wired)
  10. Former Fed Chief Greenspan Sees No Bubble in Dow 16,000 (Bloomberg)

That last news link makes me nervous.

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