Interesting Articles of the Week – 9/28/13


A bunch of good, decent length readings for you this week. I hope you enjoy! Meanwhile, its’ time for that ritual again: the debt ceiling and government shut down fight.

  1. The Price of Precious (National Geographic)
  2. The New Terrorist Training Ground (The Atlantic)
  3. The Shadow Commander (The New Yorker)
  4. Meet the Settlers (The Telegraph)
  5. Will It Fly? (Vanity Fair)
  6. Academics Launch Fake Social Network to Get an Inside Look at Chinese Censorship (MIT Technology Review) see also Take a Peek How Widespread Spying Has Become (The Big Picture)
  7. Has Brazil Blown It? (The Economist)
  8. Economics Studies Experts On the Government Shutdown and Debt Ceiling Standoff (Brookings)
  9. The Boom Towns and Ghost Towns of the New Economy (The Atlantic)
  10. Our Chat with Jeremy Grantham (Wall Street Journal)
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