Interesting Articles of the Week – 9/7/13


As it grows ever more likely that the US will intervene into Syria, I am solidly convinced that a Congressional resolution doesn’t’ matter. After all, US presidents have ignored Congress and launched their own interventions plenty of times before. The president is probaly just tryign to pass off an unpopular decision off to Congress in an effort to spread/share the burden and blame.

In any case, this week’s interesting articles.

  1. The Vice Issue: A special FP Report (Foreign Policy)
  2. More Trouble in the Eastern Mediterranean (Foreign Affairs)
  3. Is UN Approval on Syria Imperative? (The Monkey Cage)
  4. Syria: Hit Him Hard (The Economist)
  5. Your Labor Day Reader, Part 2: William Polk (The Atlantic)
  6. How Advanced is the NSA’s Cryptanalysis – And Can We Resist It? (Wired) see also US and UK spy agencies defeat privacy and security on the Internet (The Guardian)
  7. Our Fantasy: A Congress that Gets Stuff Done (Washington Post)
  8. Shallow Signals (Harvard Law Review)
  9. Traveling without Seeing (New York Times)
  10. Random access memories: My time at a singularity conference (Ars Technica)
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