Interesting Articles of the Week – 7/27/13



I’m still amazed he did it AGAIN. Someone (AND his wife) need serious counseling.

This week’s interesting articles are right below.

  1. Cuba After Communism (Foreign Affairs)
  2. Cyber-Sabotage is Easy (Foreign Policy)
  3. Will Snowden Come Between the U.S. and Latin America? (Council of Foreign Relations)
  4. Popularity, Luck, and Herding: The-lucky-take-all-society (The Economist)
  5. A Shuffle of Aluminum, but to Banks, Pure Gold (New York Times)
  6. America No Longer Has a Functioning Judicial System (Washington Blog) see also A Cruel and Unusual Record (Jimmy Carter – NYT)
  7. The Last Days of Big Law (The New Republic)
  8. The Vitamin Myth: Why We Think We Need Supplements (The Atlantic)
  9. Don’t Let Bankruptcy Fool You: Detroit’s Not Dead (The Atlantic Cities) see also Detroit, the New Greece (Paul Krugman – NYT)
  10. How Fox News created a new culture of idiots (Salon)
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