Interesting Articles of the Week – 6/15/13

It’s been somewhat a stormy and busy week here in Washington, both because of the weather and politics. Local can feel the summer heat, and we know the government is definitely feeling the media/public heat.

Anyways, here’s this week’s articles.

  1. Insight: In Washington, lawmakers’ routines shaped by fundraising (Reuters)
  2. Erdogan in Trouble (Foreign Affairs)
  3. Do Two Dreams Equal a Nightmare? see also Inside the NSA’s Ultra-Secret China Hacking Group (Marco Rubio – FP)
  4. America’s Worst Charities (Tampa Bay Times) (Serious Pulitzer potential right here)
  5. Revolving Door: Former Members (OpenSecrets)
  6. China: Innovator or Copycat? (Financial Times)
  7. The Secret War (Wired)
  8. The Court Ruling that Could End Unpaid Internships for Good (The Atlantic)
  9. Nigerian cook survives 2 days under the sea in shipwreck air bubble (Reuters)
  10. PRISM and Boundless Informant: Is NSA Surveillance a Threat? (Brookings Institute)
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