Interesting Articles of the Week – 6/1/13


Busy week. Moving things.

Turkey seems to be lighting up.

This week’s articles:

  1. Sweden’s riots: Is the integration of immigrants failing? (The Economist)
  2. Israeli or U.S. action against Iran: Who will do it if it must be done? (The Atlantic)
  3. Beyond the Arab Awakening: A Strategic Assessment of the Middle East (Brookings Institution)
  4. Semi-autonomous drones from around the world (Foreign Policy)
  5. Beijing’s Brand Ambassador (Foreign Affairs)
  6. Paul Ryan admits GOP can’t govern without a hostage crisis (Washington Post)
  7. I was a liberal mole at Fox News, from Bill O’Reilly to Roger Ailes here’s all the inside dope (Salon)
  8. Battle of the Beach (Wall Street Journal)
  9. The Daft Punk Album (The Big Picture)
  10. Why Did Criminals Trust Liberty Reserve (The New Yorker)
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