Interesting Articles of the Week – 5/18/13


It has not been a good week for President Obama. The flames of the Benghazi scandal (not really a scandal) continue to burn on, the IRS was found to have politically targeted conservative groups (actually a scandal), the Justice Department took phone records of journalists from the Associated Press (another actual scandal), and Russia has allegedly caught a CIA officer who was trying to recruit a Russian counter-terrorism expert.

Let’s hope next week is better for him.

In any case, this week’s interesting articles:

  1. Bloomberg’s culture is all about omniscience, down to the last keystroke (Quartz)
  2. Jaron Lanier: The Internet destroyed the middle class (Salon)
  3. The ‘Fucking Hipster’ Show (Jacobin)
  4. Israel’s Man in Damascus (Foreign Affairs)
  5. The End is Where We Start From (The Reformed Broker)
  6. How Do You Say ‘Quagmire’ in Farsi? (Foreign Affairs)
  7. Justifiable Cause (Slate)
  8. Remember When Andrew Joseph Stack Flew a Plane Into a Texas IRS Building? (The Atlantic)
  9. Entrepreneurship in China (World Financial Review)
  10. Abe’s Master Plan (The Economist)

Furthermore, in memory of Kenneth N. Watlz, father of neorealism, Foreign Affairs has made available a selection of his writings. Stephen W. Walt, a former student of the man, has written a tribute to Watlz over at Foreign Policy.

Walt’s Tribute to Waltz

Why Iran should get the Bomb, by Kenneth N. Waltz

Iran and the Bomb, by Kenneth N. Waltz and Colin H. Kahl

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