Interesting Articles of the Week – 5/11/13


Now that I have been liberated from the tyranny of final exams (with the exception of one final paper concerning Revolutionary Politics in “The Hunger Games”), I am free to engage in various other activities, including posting on this blog. Expect to see many new posts in the coming weeks.

In any case, this week’s articles are right below:

  1. The Most Dangerous Border in The World (Foreign Policy)
  2. Fact-Finding in Syria (Foreign Affairs)
  3. America and the South China Sea Challenge (The Diplomat)
  4. France and Germany: A tandem in trouble (The Economist)
  5. The U.S.’s Anemic Civilian Outreach Abroad (The Atlantic)
  6. Obama in Costa Rica: Seeking Consensus Among Central America’s Leaders (Brookings)
  7. Interview: How Ray Kurzweil Plans to Revolutionize Search at Google (Forbes)
  8. Shadow Lobbyists and the Revolving Door, or what do Anthony Weiner and Newt Gingrich Have in Common (The Monkey Cage)
  9. Not All Interventions in Syria are Created Equal (Ottomans and Zionists)
  10. Government Lab Reveals It Has Operated Quantum Internet for Over Two Years (MIT Technology Review)
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